Saturday, June 23, 2012

Vamos Xabi, Vamos España!!!

Si no lo sabes--España ganó su juego contra esos francés molestosos. Como se dice in francés: Comment vous faire dit, « la Meilleure chance la prochaine fois ».

Hahaha! Seriously though what a goal at 19' by one Xabi Alonso and again with the free kick. Classic Spain playing keep away until the end. If they win the UEFA 2012 right before the next World Cup well, uhm...OMG for starters! They would have to be one of the best dynamic squads in the last decade. Think back to 1964 and 2008.

But first things are first--beat Portugal, beat Ronaldo. Can't wait. Prediction: 

España 2, Portugal 1

p.s. Germany do not think that I don't notice you too...

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