Friday, January 16, 2009

Rolle, a not so common exemplum

In a New York Times article, Pete Thamel comments on the rising stock of a Florida State University safety--not for his athletic prowess, but for his academic and sagacious decision.

You see, Myron Rolle's decision to suspend his potential career in the NFL, for a better, a stronger candidacy--to attend Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar, is the "stuff," the "middling" of greatness!

I applaud Rolle not only for his decision to attend a fine university, but for his long-term projection skills. He knows that the NFL will always be there, but a chance to go to Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar...not so much.

I write this blog also for another reason. The trend of student athletes to go into the professional arena, privy to their sport, is a common one. Yet, when a student decides to choose education over a fleeting season of millions--this draws attention.

Rolle should receive all of the attention he is getting, and I hope student athletes pay razor-close attention to his example. Mark Sanchez recently announced his decision to enter the 2009 NFL draft, but he completed his degree. Tim Duncan completed his degree at Wake Forest, and 4 championship rings later, we know the story.

This is a trend I hope to see continue, and one that I hope the new president can acknowledge. Rolle should be invited to the White House. He should be made an example--period! I do not know Rolle personally, but I do know that his personal decision spoke personally to many--even myself.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

So Croix From Home

I have forgotten how awewsome home can be. I was born and raised on the island of St. Croix and it is simply beautiful. I am enjoying it immensely!

I surprised my newly-minted fiancee on the eve of Christmas at her parent's house with an engagement ring and a trip to St. Croix for an engagement honeymoon. Let's just say she has become the darling of my family, and I am the chopped liver.

That's okay though--she's gorgeous, holds a Ph.D., is a Professor of Rhetoric, has the most beautiful heart and actually loves me. What you gonna do man? The blessings of God continue to flow over me like the waterfalls of Annaly Bay, or the beauty of the sunset by the Frederiksted pier.

I brought her home to meet my family, but to also know where I grew up. She has adapted quite well--hiking, swimming and even trail-blazing through the rain forest! On Monday we head out to the famous Buck Island National Park where we will be snorkeling along the underwater trail/reef, sailing on a large catamaran, drinking strong, yet sweet island drinks, and enjoying all things Cruzan.

We're working on the jet skiing and the island hopping to St. John and the British Virgins. Not a bad life huh? Jealous? Me too!