Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Happy Early Mother's Day!

My wife is simply my best friend and is the best gift the good Lord has given me. That said, this Mother's Day I will not be showering her with diamonds or Tiffany Blue boxe(s); I will not be taking her to expensive eateries and other fine theater experiences; and, I certainly will not be taking her out of the good ol' U S of A.

Instead, I am being practical. She needs a new car. What did I buy her? The new 2012 VW SE Tiguan (a cross between a tiger and an iguana) in AWD (4-motion); candy-white exterior; sandstone (champagne) leather interior; turbo-charged at half the power of a Ferrari; and an elite safety pick with all-access German-engineering.

Oh yeah...surprise honey! I hope you like it. Well, maybe I still spoiled her a bit. She's worth it. Happy Mommy Day!