Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The JOY d'esprit de la memoria

And a little child will lead them, but will the direction be leader-like? As the HOLYdays amalgamate into good food, great familia and much blessing--this one thing I ask and plead for humanity.

That with love and faith, and hope we would all plead for memories. Yes, the recapturing and re-telling of articulated story. The extension of history, the archiving of a generative space.

In time and times of hardship and loss, memory of plenty will hold us; in time and times of suffering and pain, memory of hope and joy will sustain us; and, even in time and times of misunderstanding, memory of better days, of better nights will keep us.

Memory is sacred, is romantic and culpable to an indefinite existence. It is perfectly, imperfect; it is hopelessly hopeful; and even consistently inconsistent. May this falling year awaken in the one to come--a new collection, a new memory for the memoir that live, to be.