Friday, June 22, 2012

2012 Wimbledon Predictions are here...

Just after the Heat--OKC Wars where the Heat are coming off of their second championship and first for Lebron James is a more refined sport, a more prestigious game. At the All-England Tennis Championships Wimbledon is looming!

Yes, the transition from the French Open red clay, or simply Rafa--Land Amusement Park, is the even layered green grass of tennis' most prestigious grand slam. With strawberries-n-cream in tow (and leftover Perrier), get ready for some unpredictable tennis.

On the men's side a looming Tsonga or Murray and now even Federer might all be dark horses; though let's be honest, it will be Nadal--Djokovich all over again. The edge goes to the Spaniard in their last nine meets, and with Nadal coming off a record-setting victory at the French he usually takes this momentum into Wimby.

Prediction: Nadal over Djoker in 5 sets; if Djoker is frustrated again he will break something and get fined.

Now, the U.S. Open is a different beast altogether but if Rafa wins Wimby after winning the French, then his confidence knows no bounds; he is like Marvel Comics' the Hulk: the angrier he gets, the stronger he gets.

Please, please let's make Rafa mad as i would love to see him pass Federer on the all-time grand slam list. I have hated these comparisons between a Pete Sampras v. Andre Agassi in Roger Ferderer v. Rafael Nadal.

For starters, Roger is better than Pete Sampras though Sampras' serve was a little better; second, Agassi's ground strokes made him the Punisher for a reason and I give the edge to him over Rafa though Rafa too is the better player.

I will agree that these two in Nadal v. Fed, are a 2.0 version but the playing field is also shall we say different. In their prime who would win between all four: Nadal by simple mathematical logic. Think about it. Who is the best player on that four-man roster not named Nadal? Federer. Who OWNS and de-commissions the Fed-Express (like off its rails people)? Only one man is left: Nadal.

So, my prediction for THIS 2012 remaining season: Nadal wins both Wimbledon, another Gold Medal at the Olympics (heck, he should team up with Ferrer and win doubles too) and the U.S. Open only to lose in the semis of the year-end Championships sighting fatigue as the reason.

Nadal GS Total: 13 (and entering the Australian Open as the favorite; 4 in a row dominance)

Nadal Legend and GOAT status: from compelling argument to solid fact: Boasting all majors in multiple fashion plus 2-3 gold medals and ONLY 26-7. Sick! Why? Because at 30-1 he WILL still be better than most and if he ONLY wins the French another 4 times he still passes Federer (as Fed will not win anymore majors though he will come close only to face either Nadal or Djoker).

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